Saturday, December 29, 2007

Today is a dark day in Kenyas history, the 29th of December 2007 the day when instead of jubilant cries of Kazi Iendelee or Chungwa Moja Maisha Bora, we have scenes of violence and looting,
where just days after standing in line for 7 hours with people of all tribes who live around me, I dont feel safe leaving the house because I'm a certain tribe, in fact, fuck trying to be diplomatic, I dont feel safe in a place I've lived in since 1986 because I'm a Meru which means I'm a Kikuyu which today, means I'm trying to rig the election.
Politicians in both the government and the opposition have always tried to play the ethnic card during each election, but it never seemed to get out of the trouble spots.
The tribal clashes were always far away from us, way out there in Likoni, in Molo and this year in Mt Elgon.
But this time, guess what, it worked.
This time we're divided everywhere we are we're divided.
Last night I went to bed thinking Raila would win, and I was disappointed, but I was cool with it and I think many other people were. Today when the race got tighter we were put through a shameful spectacle at KICC and even worse scenes around the country that we saw on TV.
There were some islands of calm in the madness, like that cop on NTV, but today was the worst day of the year 2007. I blame the media, I blame politicians, I blame the ECK, I blame PNU, I blame ODM but most importantly, I blame myself,
for falling for all of this, for thinking about which tribe people I've known for years are, for only talking to some of my pals about the election, for the things I've said and the things I've thought about saying.
I was raised better than this so now I want to apologise and to pray for Kenya to get out of this mess. If you can please join me

Saturday, June 16, 2007


My Philosophy lecturer once said,

Either there is a god who eternally rewards those who believe in him and eternally punishes those who dont or there is no such god.

If I dont believe in Him and he does exist, I shall be eternally punished.
If I dont believe in him and he doesn't exist, nothing Good or Bad will happen to me.


If I believe in him and he does exist, I shall be eternally rewarded.
If I believe in him and he doesn't exist then nothing good or bad will happen to me

It is clear that I have more to lose from not believing and being wrong than from believing and being wrong

Therefore it is wise to believe


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