Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Contract (from the Inbox)

I am very happy to inform you that I have had feelings for
you since Tuesday, the 10th of March 2007. With
reference to the meeting held between us on the 7th of
January 2008 at 1500 hours outside Georgette's house, I would like to present
myself as a prospective lover.

Our love affair would be on probation for a period of
three months and depending on compatibility, would be made permanent.

Of course, upon completion of probation, there will be continuous
on-the-relationship training and relationship appraisal schemes leading up
to promotion from lover to spouse.

The expenses incurred for coffee and entertainment
would initially be shared equally between us. Later,
based on your performance, I might take up a larger
share of the expenses. However I am broad-minded
enough, to be taken care of on your expense account.

Unless otherwise stated, the normal meeting/communication
times shall be Monday to Friday and the normal hours are:-

* Monday to Friday - Evening 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
* Any time Saturday or Sunday as the need arises

I may at my sole discretion vary or amend the said
meeting/communication hours or days.

During the relationship hereunder you shall not either directly or indirectly
be permitted to be engaged in any other relationship unless specifically
authorised in writing.

You shall declare immediately to me by phone fax, or e-mail if you
are offered or recieve a benefit, gift, award, or prize from a male third party,
where the monetary value of such gift is in excess of Ksh 500 or if the
aforementioned gift can be assigned any emotional value.

Your appearance should at all times project a pleasing image

If you accept the contract on the terms and conditions specified within,
kindly send a blank e-mail to

In the event I do not hear from you within a period of fourteen (14) days,
I shall infer that you do not wish to accept my offer in which event
the aforementioned offer shall lapse.

Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned for further
information or clarification

Thanking you in anticipation.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

S60 Themes

So far, these are the themes I've installed on my phone so far, Click on the image to download the theme. They are SVG themes so they'll scale to any resolution

1. Black Grid by Kimi

2. Black Steel from AX Themes

3. Just Black E-Series Theme

4. E72 Copper theme


My beloved E63 decided some time in December to conk out. It was basically a software issue, all of a sudden I had no access to my contacts outside of searching for them by typing callers names, no scrolling through the list, no editing.

All my Java apps stopped working, I was unable to install new apps (read antivirus) and the native e-mail client just disappeared.

All I was left with was an outdated version of my Gravity Twitter Client and Opera Mobile 10.

Now the fix was simple, re-install the firmware, it was basically a software issue, right?


A quick trip to Nokia’s website revealed that in fact, I was overdue for an upgrade to new firmware.

Heres the catch:

  • I was in Lamu,
  • A couple of months earlier, I'd dropped my phone while it was connected to a USB cable. I picked up the phone and the phones USB port was kaput, it was actually hanging out of the slot. Being a cheap bastard, I bought a card reader (actually, a Safaricom Modem) and a bluetooth dongle and moved on.

Now, a firmware upgrade can only be done via USB cable, so when I got back (and the January salary came in) I asked around and was referred to a guy called Oscar, my new best friend, he quickly at a good price sorted me out just yesterday.

So now, since I don’t know what happened to my phone, I’ve decided to chronicle all the apps I install.

Heres the list.

1. Opera Mini 5 (Beta 2) (mobile site)

Very quickly, I installed Opera Mini. This new version is amazingly fast, allows for multiple tabs and has a download manager built in.

It was what I used to search for and download the rest of the apps I’d be installing.

2. Gravity (v1.30 Build 6305, later upgraded to Build 6316 below) (direct download)

Since the phones IMEI didn’t change, Gravity was next on the list. I was rather excited at how well it went.

Perhaps because of either the new firmware, all the RAM being available, or a combination of both, the installations went by pretty fast.

3. Mail for Exchange (Nokias MfE Website)

Our IT guy doesn’t like me, so I don’t have our e-mail settings. I use Mail for Exchange to automatically backup my contacts and calendar info to my Google Account.

Symbian’s sync application doesn’t sync automatically. You must manually initiate every synchronization. Google’s workaround works pretty well for automatically backing up your info.

4. Google Maps (Mobile site)

As part of their plans for world domination, Google has mapped the world. Street level maps with directions for Nairobi mean that I must join the bandwagon, although this press release on Moses Kemibaro’s blog has rekindled my interest in Ovi Maps, I’ll check it out at a later date.

5. Joiku Spot LIGHT (JoikuSpots website)

This handly little Java app connects your laptop or any other WiFi enabled device (e.g. an iPod Touch) to the internet via Wifi using your mobile phone's 3G connection. Its effectively a Hotspot in your pocket.

The Light version is free but protocols such as Gmail, Outlook, IMAP, Skype, MSN or FTP are not supported. Download it here -

The Premium version costs €15

That’s it for now, everything under the hood is fixed. When I grab some time I’ll work on the themes.

Any suggestions for apps I should install? Use the comments section below.


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