Monday, July 18, 2011

My five links

First off, BIG shoutout to Evans for doing this, he got me to blog after such a long time!!

In my case things are a little tricky, I write on many blogs, so I'll pick the best of the best! :-)

Here Goes!! 

My Most Popular Post : Twitter Mobile SMS

In terms of sheer numbers, it has to be my Q&A Monday interview of  Martha Karua on However, thats Wamathai's site so I won't count it here

The most hits I've ever gotten on a post were for my guide on how to use Twitter SMS on E63Club, that post still gets quite a number of hits to date.

Post that Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved : Bad Day 

By far, my favorite post!! I wrote it as I experienced the worst case of Monday blues EVER, its on my first blog, this one!! Its titled simply "Bad Day" 

Post Whose Success Surprised Me : Find Fuel

What surprised me wasn't the post itself, but what happened as a result of the post, the #FindFuel Crowdmap, it all started with this post on

We even got interviewed by CNBC!

My Most Controversial Post : Bidii Africa
This marked the first time I got into the middle of what is now commonly referred to as "Tweef". A long time ago, back when Twitter was Twitter, Robert Alai and Kahenya had a falling out on the timeline.

My response, this post  

Post I Am Most Proud Of : Lets Map Nairobis ATMs!!

The post I am most proud of, is Lets Map Nairobis ATMs!! Power to the people!! Shouted in public gatherings its cool and all, but actually seeing the power of the people in action is quite another thing, one again I thank everyone who contributed!

Now, as per Evans instructions, I have to pass this on to 5 people, so TAG! Your It!!

1. Kawiria -
2. Roomthinker -
3. Ray -
4. Chiira -
5. Mark  -


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