Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Twitter Lists

Twitter list were these amazing things that gave you the ability to view someones tweets without following them or to organise a custom timeline fed by tweets from certain friends, you could have a finance list full of your Aly-Khan Satchu's and a humour list full of all the FunnyJokers on your timeline.

I prefer to get a good mix everytime I'm on so I don't use them much. I don't see any newbies doing the same. I guess we all created lists when the hype about them was on. The names of the lists also give some insight about what people think of you, I'm in lists from maafakas to friends_i_cannot_follow_y , ubuntu to goodguysclub  The range of what people think of me is pretty wide!

I'm on a total of 68 twitter lists,This post is just my way of saying thanks!!

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