Monday, December 20, 2010

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol Rocks.

I was at Blankets & Wine St. Marys Alumni Edition, The generator failed, their performance ended prematurely. So they come down off the stage.

For about 30-45 minutes there are frantic attempts to get it back online, but to no avail, Eric Wainana who was on next, disappears into the crowd, Muthoni, stressed out, was still right there at the generator trying to get it fixed (Pole sana madam, these things happen), The Oyier Brothers, nowhere to be seen, but Sauti Sol...

They come down right to the tents where guys are sitting and do a micro-show, no band, no fancy stage and big sound, just Chimano, Bien and Delvin singing their hearts out with Polycarp on the Guitar, just like when they were a group of guys in the garden at the Alliance Francaise trying to impress the girls.

Chris Bittok sees this, runs to his car, gets his sax and joins in.

That 20 minute “show”, the 6 odd songs they did, right there in the middle of that small crowd, that was worth the Shs. 1,000/= I paid for the ticket.

Their new album, Sol Filosophia is out right now, I suggest you go out and buy it for one reason...

Sauti Sol gets it, the fans are everything.

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