Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lets Map Nairobis ATMs!!

Here's how to do it, it takes about five minutes.

Think of an ATM, any ATM :-)

On your PC open up your browser and go here ~

You should see this

Go to the Upper right hand corner and sign in

Once you're in, go over to the pane on the left and click edit

A new menu should appear on the top left hand corner of the map itself,

Click on the blue placemark and move it to the location you thought of in step one above, the building with the ATM.

Once you set it down, you should see this:-

Fill in the details like my friend Geoffrey did here below, save it and your done.

Which details?
Well, is it a deposit taking ATM? Can you withdraw money via M-Pesa? Is it VISA/Mastercard branded? Is it part of the Kenswitch network? Anything that someone may find useful.

To view the map on your cellphone, you need to install Google Maps for mobile. It works of just about any phone.

Go to on your phone and follow the instructions

Go to layers> browse layers > My Maps > ATM locator and there!! Your ATMs will be on the Map, available to all, for free!!

And all it took was five minutes of your time!

Big heads up to Lamzana , without whom this would never have happened, Thank you!!

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