Thursday, August 26, 2010

Using the Map

View ATM Locator in a larger map

So, we came together and built up a map, now you need to find an ATM close to you, what do you do?

Well, step 1 is installing Google Maps for mobile, you can do this by visiting on your phones broswer. If you already have Google Maps, update it to the latest  version.

Google maps for mobile is compatible with most phones, you can check if yours is compatible here

Once you have it installed, open the app, you should see a map

Go to options and select "Layers"

Once in Layers, select options once more, 

Select Browse layers, then My Maps 

Here is where you will find the ATM Locator. Click on it and...

 You can zoom in or out, and click on any of the icons to get further information.  

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wamathai said...

This is amazing Bobby..


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